Our Story.

Our journey started with last mile deliveries, but soon realised how inefficient and underdeveloped long haul transportation is. CargoEx acts as a bridge between carriers and shippers, providing a platform to list unused resources. It is a win-win solution that generates extra revenue to carriers, can save costs and drastically reduce distribution lead times.


Our mission is to reduce carbon footprint from long haul transport activities. We are aiming to launch zero-carbon long haul transportation by 2023. We envision a digital transportation sector that would help carriers to optimize costs and improve efficiency. gWe are committed to providing a platform that reduces traditional communications and enhances visibility of supply chains.


How it

Carriers list unutilized space

Carriers will post unutilized space to CargoEx marketplace.

Shippers identify suitable trucks

Shippers can search for trucks that fit to their requirements.

Book directly from CargoEx

Shippers can book space directly and can receive conformation in 5 minutes.


First mile logistics

CargoEx will help e-commerce companies, retailers and last mile delivery companies to optimize first mile logistics. With CargoEx, shippers can save up to 40% lead time and 20% in logistics costs. Our "Livepall" tracking service will help shippers to track their shipment in realtime.
With CargoEx API, shippers can get options for specific shipment directly in their existing ERP system. Shipments can be booked on trucks that are already in transit as booking information is sent to trucks in real time. Just Book your shipment, print labels and after tajht leave it to CargoEx.


No Hidden costs

CargoEx is a free of cost service for companies. CargoEx doesnot charge any sign up fee or monthly fee rather will charge per transaction.

Easy to Use

CargoEx is an easy to use tool. Login to our webapp and start searching for suitable trucks for your pickup and delivery and book space directly.

Think Green

With CargoEx, you are guaranteed to leave behind a smaller carbon footprint. We are focussed on promoting distribution methods where potential CO2 savings are made.

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+46 762 544 338

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C/O Norrsken House
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